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5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Portugal on your vacation

Portugal has got everything, history, world-famous cuisines, breathtaking landscapes, and beaches. So, if you are planning to have a vacation tour then you must go to Portugal this time. This place is like a full package dream place one would like to explore.

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Reasons to visit Portugal for your next trip:

Now you know that Portugal is a beautiful place but do you have any idea about the attractions of this place or what you are going to do there or what you are going to eat there? Here are the things you can do in Portugal:

This magnificent castle was founded back in 1160, this covers the riverside of town Tomar. This historic place is a piece of art and you would love to explore it. The spiral staircase, the history of this castle, the decorations, the symbol of the Order of Christ this castle is associated with. You would like to explore every corner of this castle.

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Do you want to visit one of the historic religious sanctuaries of Portugal? You can visit Bom Jesus do Monte, as it consists of the staircase, and once you cover the staircase distance you will reach the church of Bom Jesus. This place has mythological, symbolic, and biblical statues on different points of this attraction.

Are you feeling a little thirsty then how about you go to Mini Bar? This beautiful restaurant is in the Art Deco Teatro de São Luís. A famous chef José Avillez runs this beautiful place. The menu of this restaurant is quite unique. Have you ever thought of trying seaweed ice cream that will be filled with tuna tartare or olives?

Yes, this restaurant offers a unique menu that you won’t be able to find at any other restaurant in Portugal. If you want to try something new and delicious then you must visit this place in the very first place.

Have you ever tried eel, urchin, turbot before? Well, you might have but you haven’t tasted them with the best flavors yet. The Yeatman is all about the Atlantic life, seafood and the food cooked by the professionals of this restaurant would be mouthwatering.

Another exciting fact about this place is that every dish at this restaurant will be served with the legendary wine collections of 80 types of this place.

Hiking would be a refreshing and healthy experience for you and once you are at the top of the mountain you will see Portugal under you. It is one of the beautiful, natural, and eye refreshing attractions in Portugal.

We can’t put the beauty of Portugal in words. As we have talked about a few attractions and eating hubs above so when you are going to plan your trip to Portugal? Don’t waste time anymore just start planning and packing.