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Automation: a threat or a treat?

In this article we will zoom in on what automation has brought us ever since the industrial revolution. GC Biotech suppliers provide a lot of choice when it comes to life science. Apart from this we will look at what we have lost because of it and what harm it is still doing to humans today. In conclusion we will wipe the slate clean and decide whether we can see automation as a treat for humans, or that we should handle is with care because of the threat is brings with it.

The success automation has brought us

Automation can be seen as a grand success. Human kind have flourished more than it has ever done since the industrial revolution in which automation was introduced. Due to this automation a lot of work that usually took a lot longer now only takes a fraction of that. The possibilities were suddenly endless and people were doing everything they could to get as much out of the revolution as possible. This made it into a vicious circle where developments in technology skyrocketed and are still going on to make life for humans a lot easier.

The loss we suffered because of automation

Even though we have gained a lot because of automation, there might even as much losses because of it. For one, the development lead to developments in weapon technology. This made it possible for one person to have much more power than he should. World War I and II were an indirect cause of technical developments and many people died because of it.

Threat or treat?!

Currently the western world is more balanced and a World War III is unlikely. However, this doesn’t mean that even in this day, the automation is no threat. On the contrary, it is more of a threat than ever. Of course, automation has made life a lot easier and it still is doing that. Developments in AI, however, are frankly scary. It seems to be a matter of time that people are entirely going to be replaced by androids. Where do we draw the line of automation development? Take a look at the website and the GC Biotech suppliers to see the developments for yourself.