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Flavors of e-cigarettes are banned

There will be an end to e-cigarettes with flavors such as strawberry ice cream, mango, hazelnut spread or mojito. State Secretary Paul Blokhuis (VWS) writes this to the House of Representatives. The ban on flavors should make e-cigarettes less attractive to young people. Tobacco flavors are exempted from the ban, so smokers can continue to use e-cigarettes in an ultimate quit attempt.

Response to new measure

With this measure, the state is responding to the latest secretary of Trimbos about e-cigarettes. The institute concluded this spring that e-cigarettes are more popular than previously thought and that Dutch use benefits most from discouragement. Its use could be restricted to the group of smokers who are unable to quit using proven real tools. There are also more results from the e-cigarette being a stepping stone to smoking regular cigarettes, as shown by RIVM research – the many flavors make the product attractive to young people.

Blokhuis: “Every organization works very hard to start making things more difficult and then stop. This is also urgently needed because it remains unacceptable that 20,000 people die every year in our country from the effects of smoking and that around 75 children start smoking every day. e cigarette store has enough information. The new confirmation confirms that the smoke-free generation that there must also be an e-cigarette-free generation. There is no room for e-cigarettes with versatile, exotic flavors.”

Progress prevention agreement

Blokhuis is satisfied with the progress of the agreements from the National Prevention Agreement and the planning of the more than 70 designs. aware that the goals and ambitions will be achieved with the agreed measures, as concluded by RIVM in 2018. The State Secretary therefore remains committed to additional measures. Discussions on this will take place this month with and municipalities. In addition to RIVM – at Blokhuis’s request – important effective measures that are currently not or insufficiently included in the National Prevention Agreement can make a substantial contribution to achieving the ambitions.

Legal measures for heating devices and use of excise duties on e-cigarettes

To create the smoke-free generation, tobacco heating devices – such as the IQOS – are also being restricted. The best e liquids of ecigmarketxl is found online. As a result of this amendment to the law, the same rules will apply to these devices as to other smoking products, cigarettes. This includes the introduction of the age limit and the display ban. The advertising ban will also apply directly. In the context of the current European legislation on tobacco excise duties, the Netherlands is deploying a framework for the introduction of new smoking products such as e-cigarettes.