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Get more conversions and improve your performance with multi-touch attribution.

Odyssey gathers data from all your traffic sources. Now, there’s no need to waste time digging through different sources to get the numbers that matter. It can be overwhelming to analyze because it has one of the most robust dashboards available. Users can instantly compare things like volume, incrementality, revenue, ad spend, and many other metrics. Why do we use data? We use data to analyze and compare the performance of our traffic sources. Compare things like volume, incrementality, and revenue, and many more metrics. The attribution company that will bring your marketing to a new level. 


With Odyssey, you can improve your marketing performance. Odyssey sheds light on your traffic sources, breaking it down to a granular level. When you compare these insights with the current ad spend, you can see where you need to increase marketing efforts and what marketing channels are underperforming. This happens through a variety of metrics like ad spend suggestions and incrementality meaning you can at one glance see where you are lacking performance. Odyssey is a powerful and data-driven solution for identifying opportunities and bottlenecks in your online marketing. We analyze each traffic source at the granular level and provide you with a suggested ad spend. Compare this to your current ad spend to find out where you should be investing more so you can increase your overall performance.


Connect your ad platforms to your Odyssey dashboard for increased insight. Configure your current ad spend in the dashboard to be compared with the suggested ad spend. Then re-allocate your online marketing budget accordingly.


You can bring all your ad platforms together in one dashboard so you can compare your current ad spend to what Odyssey recommends. You’ll be surprised to see how much you’re spending on ads that are not converting as well as others. This will allow you to re-allocate your online marketing budget optimally. Want to create a more effective and impactful marketing strategy? Take advantage of Odyssey’s ability to analyze and connect with your ad platforms. You’ll be able to see the current campaign spend on your dashboard and compare it to Odyssey’s suggested spending. This will give you an idea if it is time to re-allocate some of your marketing budget.