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Luxury houseboat with Incognito thinnest underfloor heating

Living on a ship or houseboat, it is for many the ultimate feeling of freedom and peace. But when luxury and comfort is missing it sometimes does not prove to be that luxury. This houseboat is equipped with underfloor heating. Because a traditional wet system will be too heavy and too high, the thinnest underfloor heating system from Incognito Glasgow-Edinburgh is chosen. 

Houseboat with underfloor heating

A total of approximately 110 m ² of this thin underfloor heating is laid out on the ground floor and mezzanine floor. The underfloor heating is regulated by 2 manifolds without pump. The manifold for the ground floor has 9 groups and the floor has a 5-Group manifold.

Low buildup underfloor heating with total construction height of 20 mm

The thinnest underfloor heating of Incognito Heat Co Glasgow-Edinburgh, is the perfect solution as a traditional wet systems are not possible. For example, if:

  • There is a wooden subfloor (beams);
  • an existing (concrete) floor;
  • no room for a traditional floor heating (low ceilings);
  • to be laid on the upper floor (e.g. bathroom or bedroom);
  • cannot be machined.

On this page you will find information about the installation and benefits of traditional underfloor heating Glasgow

Underfloor heating plates for on existing floor

Without milling you can lay underfloor heating. At the Incognito underfloor heating is not milled because you lay ready-made fermacell gypsum plates on top of the floor. These plates you can work floating, so there is no screw or glue needed. The installation is quick and clean. Many people choose Incognito because when because of openings in the floor conventional construction is not possible. There are often existing pipes through the floor or the (concrete) floor does not have enough thickness to slots to milling.

What does Incognoto Thin underfloor heating cost?

We have a gross list price of £66 per square meter. That includes fermacell bubble plate, 10 metres heating tube and 6 km mass of contents.

Difference in cost m.b.t. traditional floor heating and electric underfloor heating.

The price/cost of the thinnest underfloor heating system is a bit more than a traditional or electric system. Fortunately that is explainable. With a traditional system do you have still to do with:

  • isolating and laying a subfloor
  • paying a concrete floor cover
  • Location/transport costs of the concrete

In addition, Incognito thinnest underfloor heating system dries much faster than a traditional system. You’ll save so a lot of (waiting) hours. In comparison: under certain circumstances full load is possable within 24 hours. With traditional systems this very often several weeks, depending on the thickness of the screed.

An electric underfloor heating is often slightly cheaper to buy, however your heating costs will be much higher.

Underfloor Heating and Interior Design

Having no radiators means that the home owner has much more liberty in positioning furniture, artwork and curtains. Interior Design Stirling would call that: Design Freedom

The difference between an electric system and a water-based underfloor heating. 

In what situations do you choose a thin underfloor heating system?

  • Stacked construction (apartments and condominiums)
  • There are existing concrete upper floors such as attics, bathrooms and bedrooms
  • In older houses where the joists are wood
  • In renovation projects and timber frame houses