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NBA 2K21: First Trailer For The Next-gen

2K has justunveiledthefirst new-generation trailer for NBA 2K21, which is a different version from the current consoles. And we can at test that it is so. The title, scheduled for next November, shows technical muscle captured directly from Playstation 5. It is a game created from scratch to take advantage of the power of the new machines and will arrive onNovember 10 to Series X and S and the 12 in the Sony console.

In a statement, Greg Thomas, president of Visual Concepts relate: “Never before have we been able to offer this level of visual fidelity and realism in a video game.” To this, he adds that “NBA 2K21 is the title that best fulfills the promise of the new generation: truly revolutionary graphics, priceless load times, new features, and a gameplay that is only possible on new generation hardware.”

In the video, we can see a gamebetweenthe Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks. And a first-rate graphic leap is detailed in terms of lighting, textures, physics, animations, and a new movement and impact technology that allows you to see collisions a lot. more fluid and realistic. In addition, the technical data includes more than 150 unique viewers who interact with what is happening on the screen. A soundtrack with 202 release songs has also been confirmed.

2K plans to break down new features of thegame at the mechanics level with reports at the foot of the track that will talk about the playable base, new movements and also changes in artificial intelligence, in addition to other features in various game modes.

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(Contributedby Guillermo Bisbal; EditedbyHermes_Fang)