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Obtain stud bolt caps from a trusted provider

BoltShield® caps are screw-on metal caps designed to protect nuts and stud bolt assemblies from sustaining damage to their threads and experiencing dirt fouling. Such measures make a significant difference in preventing rust and corrosion. The BoltShield® metal protection cap system is manufactured from stainless steel, with an integrated female thread allowing them to simply be screwed on to an exposed stud bolt. As such they ensure a firmly fixed bolt by matching the bolt thread to the cap. BoltShield® has been designed from the ground up for manual installation. With the ease of use that comes with a no-tools-required design, they can be easily installed and then removed again should it be necessary. To get your BoltShield® caps in the Benelux, HBS Solutions is the only licensed dealer carrying these assemblies.

A BoltShield® has many different advantages and possibilities

We offer two types of BoltShield® caps, both of which offer differing protection levels. One of these types is made to cover both the exposed stud bolt’s thread and the nut, while the other design is only intended to guard the bolt thread. Every single cap system can be made from aluminum, stainless steel or carbon steel. All these materials are considered suitable for coating and are available for bolt sizes ranging from ½” to 6”, with threading M16 to M100 (UN/metric thread).

Require a stainless steel cap for a B8M stud bolt?

For the experts at HBS Solutions, nothing is impossible. No matter the material or size of the stainless steel cap you require for your B8M stud bolt, they can arrange it. Do you want a PTFE coating on your caps? HBS Solutions makes it happen. To obtain more information about the BoltShield®, their website provides a handy PDF file with specifications. Should you have any further questions or if you want to discuss the possibilities, contact HBS Solutions directly by phone or by email. Their expert staff will be happy to assist you forthwith.