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These specialists develop a belt dryer which meets the requirements of your company


A belt dryer is a commonly-used system in various industries and various (production) processes, for example in the food and feed industry. Do you need a belt dryer for your own company? De drying systems from Dutch Dryers BV ensure maximum drying capacity and are always tailor-made according to your processes and applications. You will achieve optimum drying results using low value and/or residual heat. This manufacturer of belt dryers develops its systems entirely in-house. This way, they are able to guarantee high quality and reliable drying systems. The quick delivery of your tailor-made system is also a great benefit of their services. Discover them yourself by visiting the website of Dutch Dryers BV!

Tailor-made drying systems for your processes

A belt dryer from Dutch Dryers BV is completely specified according to your company’s requirements. This way, you are ensured of an efficient process with excellent results. Because every belt dryer had its own functionalities and specifications, the specialists from this company are happy to extensively discuss your preferences. If you wish to use process heat in order to dry matter with a high moisture level and turn it into a useable dry product, belt dryers are the perfect solution. Thanks to the innovative and durable dryer from Dutch Dryers BV, flows with hot air with a temperature of 50 °C are sufficient to achieve the best results. The material to be dried is transported on an automatically moving conveyor belt. The hot air will be sucked through the material in order to dry it. Are you in need of optimum drying results while using low value and/or residual heat during the process? Dutch Dryers BV is the right specialist for you!

Learn more about the solutions from this company

Would you like to receive more information about the solutions and tailored systems from this company? Do not hesitate to contact its specialists and learn more about it. They would be pleased to work out a business case for you and make a proper assessment, whether you need a belt or drum dryer. Discuss the possibilities and your requirements!