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WoW Classic: 5 Tips For Beginners

Whether you’re completely new to World of Warcraft and want to experience an important part of video game history – a pop culture phenomenon that spawned a notable fan movement 15 years ago – or an old gamer who is dusting off your keyboard after more than a decade away to dive back into old school Azeroth, you might be a bit lost as to what to do in WoW Classic and how to do it.

Your first choice at logging in may not be particularly exciting, but choosing which realm to play in can have huge ramifications on your experience in the game. There are four types of servers to choose from – Normal, PvP, RP, and PvP RP. If you want to experience the world at your own pace and have to worry only about the dangers Azeroth offers you, maybe a normal kingdom is your thing. But if you want what many consider to be the true Classic experience, be it a tough and endless battle with other players, then perhaps a PvP server is the best for you. RP servers are normal realms where RPG is encouraged (though not required, and often ignored) with stricter use for character names, and RP PvP is the same but in a player environment. vs player.

Your second choice is building your character. No pressure, but you are about to make the character that you could spend hundreds of hours on. The big decisions here are which faction you want to represent and what race and class you want to play. Faction is when you identify yourself as Horde or Alliance, and race changes your appearance and where your adventure begins. By choosing your character you can see that different races have unique abilities, or bonuses for certain abilities.

Always read the search text. Nowadays, WoW is like many other RPGs, the objective of the missions is displayed on your screen, and the area that you need to investigate or hunt down a specific enemy is displayed on the minimap. If you are lost, look up the mission online, or better yet, ask your fellow players for help. It’s one of the reasons why local chat is so much busier in Classic than it is in modern WoW.

Try to save your gold as much as you can. It’s pretty easy to go around spending gold on every item or skill that catches your eye, but gold is pretty scarce in the Classic, and large purchases can seem ridiculously expensive if you’re not saving money from the start. Play smart, only buy trainer skills that look useful or fun, loot every enemy you kill, and don’t spend massive amounts of money on equipment that you can earn yourself or receive a reward for the search.

And finally, don’t do it alone. The reason why the vast majority of old players have yearned for the return of World of Warcraft is the growing sense of community and camaraderie that Azeroth used to bring you. Remember that GoldPiles also provides a lot WoW Classic gold at a cheap price for you to buy.


 (Contributed by GB; Edited by Hermes_Fang)