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Buy pieces from the Disney Showcase Collection at this shop

The Kid Collector Shop is a paradise for any collector of figurines. They offer unique statuettes from many franchises, including (but not limited to) Harry Potter, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Comics. They also have many pieces from the Disney Showcase Collection for sale. Discover unique designs of your beloved characters as detailed statuettes. If you purchase your items at this shop, your items will be shipped within one to four business days.

Discover this extensive collection of statuettes

In the offer of this shop, you will find characters from many well-known franchises. For instance, you can choose from Funko Pops of Grey’s Anatomy, the Lord of the Rings and many more series and films. But if you are fond of Disney characters, the Disney Showcase Collection is the right one for you. This collection contains statuettes of the world-famous Disney animals, heroes and villains in different styles. For example, there are some Art Deco designs of your favorite princesses donning modern gowns. You will also fins exclusive anniversary pieces that were released on classic films’ anniversaries, like Esmeralda from the Hunchback of the Notre Dame or Alice from Alice in Wonderland. If you loved the recent live-action features, the live-action genie or the live-action Cinderella figurine might be what you are looking for. There are plenty of designs that will make a great addition to your existing collection, or you can use it as a stunning decorative piece all by itself.

Ask your questions or place your order right away

If you found the right pieces from the Disney Showcase Collection, you can order them online. Just put them in your shopping cart and check out. If you would like to ask the shop owners a question about any Disney figurines, they will gladly answer it if you reach out to them via phone or e-mail. They will get back to you as soon as they can.