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Customer acquisition cost



Suppose Sergio owns a software development company called Web App Development. In order to obtain his CLV, he needs to study the past performance of his business. The 3 “past behaviors” he should focus on are the average annual transaction volume per customer, the average profit per transaction, and the average number of years people keep their customer status. Regarding the average annual transaction volume per customer, he pointed out that most of his customers buy once a year. In order to get the average profit of each transaction, he looks at the average bill of the end customer, which is 1,000 euros per person. After deducting hosting and other expenses, the developer hour Sergio estimates that he gets 25% of the profit from each bill-that is, the profit per customer is 250 euros. 

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Car selection: buying a new or used car?

The pros and cons of a new or used car


Do you opt for a new or used car? Both have a lot to say. We list arguments.


Buy used car




lower purchase price


For the same budget you can look around in “higher” classes


short delivery time


Great deals online




Possible risks related to the condition of the car


little or no warranty


Used car with traces of use


Older cars generally have fewer safety features and are less fuel efficient


I want to buy a used car


A new car




You can assemble the car yourself (colours, equipment, options)


Minimum two-year manufacturer’s warranty


Generally safer, cleaner and more economical than older models


reduce maintenance




Buying a car is more expensive than a used car


higher premium


higher depreciation costs


Calculate the cost of your car


Are you wondering how much your own car costs per kilometer, or would you like to compare an electric car with a diesel or petrol engine? Car cost tool can do this. You can easily calculate on the basis of license plate or brand and enter the monthly and kilometer costs of the car. This way you quickly find out which new or used car is the most economical in your situation.

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